Seer is the only WMS that fits you perfectly now and grows with you into the future.

You've seen the brochures for WMS packages that promise to handle every warehouse situation. The marketing department of these companies promise to give you an amazing system that does everything but carry out the garbage. Now, if only your warehouse worked as these snake-oil salesmen envision every warehouse running. These packages simply can't be everything to everyone as they promise. You know that, but the promise is so enticing.

If you really want efficiency from your WMS, then you need Seer. We know that a fast growing company's needs change. A WMS that did pretty much what you wanted yesterday may be completely out of touch today. Packages don't adapt, Seer can, right from the start.

Get history on your side.

If you've ever been left wondering who last handled a piece of inventory or why a piece of inventory has been left in inventory long after its expiration date, then you'll love the transaction history feature in Seer. Follow a pallet from receipt to storage. See any quality assurance actions that have taken place. And finally from storage to shipping. You'll know everywhere this pallet has been and who has worked with it.

Or look at all the transactions performed by a worker during a specified time period. See where workers are most productive and where there could be improvement. Simply put, the transaction history shows what's been done and who did it. Any actions that you think will help you track what's going on in your warehouse can be included in the transaction history and integrated into reports designed especially for you. Critical information needed to make your warehouse efficient, customized in an easy to use form - exclusively in Seer.

Put efficiency on the fast track.

Like all of our clients, you can have an inventory management system that fits your business exactly. No more making due with what comes out of the box. No more consultants spending a lifetime and a boatload of your money trying to make a rigid ERP solution work for you. Other advantages include great support 24/7 by our dedicated engineers, source code availability, complete scalability, and secure remote access.

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