Our clients love us for what they don't get!

They don't get extra charges for budget overruns. They aren't given promises that evaporate as the project is underway. They aren't forced into a canned solution. They don't get to have their lawyers call our lawyers to argue over a failed project. Plainly put, they don't have to explain any nasty surprises about the project to their bosses.

You do get a WMS that fits your operation like a glove.

Your Seer WMS will be installed quickly and will work the way you need it to work. You'll talk directly to engineers to make sure you get what you want. Your WMS will be customized and installed with a minimum of interruption to your existing operations. How can I be so sure you'll like working with us?

At CC Software, we've been delivering results like these to our clients since 1995. Our core team has been working together since the mid 80's. And we only hire engineers that have the same beliefs that we have. To be honest. To be fair. To deliver an outstanding WMS solution tailored to your needs at a fair price. And to always give our clients terrific, personal service.

Service and support from experienced engineers.

Just like a professional butler attends to his employer's every need, CC Software engineers are dedicated to making your new Seer WMS work to your exacting demands. The work environment at CC Software, that of working closely with our clients to craft a great solution to inventory management problems, is both challenging and exciting. That is why our software engineers and our clients stay with CC Software for the long term. The same software engineers that worked with our initial clients over ten years ago are still working with those same clients today. As our client's business needs have changed, we have taken care of those needs. Become more than just a number with a large company that is selling a canned solution. Call CC Software at 1-801-887-7998 to schedule a FREE operational analysis and join forces with software engineers dedicated to making your system work for you.