Does a painful pair of shoes fit better than your current WMS?

Your current WMS is not easy to work with and doesn't really do what you need. The workers find 'innovate' ways to get around the system, but this is causing accuracy problems and inventory errors each day. Since a Seer Warehouse Management system is customized for your operation, your workers will easily see how to perform their jobs. They won't need to work around the system because the system is built for maximum efficiency.

Are you burning profits?

If you don't have an efficient inventory management system, your boss may as well be dropping a few hundred dollar bills into a fire every day. Extra labor expense, the cost and distraction of fixing mistakes, and upset customers leaving you to buy from your competitors are costing you a lot of net profit every day. The Seer Warehouse Management system will make sure your warehouse is costing the company as little as possible while providing a way for you to give customers great service.

Complete integration with other systems.

The information contained in your company's accounting system or ERP is crucial for executives running the company, and it must be based on accurate and timely information. And the data can be full of errors if someone is manually entering transactions after the fact. The Seer Warehouse Management system can interface directly with these systems to make sure executives know the company's true picture. Your workers will be directed to priority work and transactions will be entered automatically into Seer and transferred to the host system seamlessly.

Automated warehouse equipment like intelligent conveyors and storage / retrieval machines also seamlessly integrate with the Seer system. Safe control and the fast response of this equipment has never been easier for you.